5 Most Common E2 Visa Questions for 2017

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E-2 Visa business plan have really become popular over the course of the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Investors and business entrepreneurs who may want to stretch their portfolio over to the US can use these visas to gain entry into the US and invest or expand their business. However, those who are going to invest in US businesses or start one up absolutely should hire US based workers rather than foreign workers. There are restrictions to these visas so you need to be wary before applying.

What Businesses Are Eligible For E-2 Visas?

There are no restrictions over which type of business is eligible or will qualify for an E-2 Visa. However, the business must be a legal and legitimate business and it should also hire workers which are within the US rather than bringing over a squad of foreign nationals to work within the business. It’s said the business must be able to hire at least three to five employees over the course of its start up years. However, it’s important to know that real estate businesses must be more than just buying a home and reselling it to make profit. People who want to invest passively in the market will not be eligible but those who have renovation businesses might.

There Is A Restriction Over How Much My Investment Has To Be?

A lot of people are worried their investment into the American business marketplace will be far too low for them to be eligible but in actual fact, the investment doesn’t have to be millions. Some investors can choose sixty thousand dollars as a baseline investment and for some businesses this would be a suitable amount. However, many other businesses will need at least one hundred thousand dollars of investment money. There are differences between each business type so you have to be aware of that before planning to invest the bare amount.

Will I Be Required To Buy A Home Or Rent A Property To Be Granted An E-2 Visa?

Surprisingly no, there’s no need to buy a home or rent a property for the foreseeable future. Remember, since this is only supposed to be a temporary venture, there really isn’t any need for permanent residence within the USA. Also, you will need to write a letter in which it states your intentions within the US and that you are planning to return home (to your home country) whenever your visa has expired. A lot of people often think they need to buy a property in order to be granted a visa but that isn’t true and in a sense that might harm your chances of being granted the visa.

How Many Employees Do I Need To Hire?

Since you are moving or starting a business in the US, there needs to be some contribution to the American workforce which means some employees need to be hired. It really should be between three and five US workers that are hired for the business within the first few years of the business. You don’t need to hire a US worker immediately when the business first begins but within five years, it’s a must.

Will It Be Necessary To Have An Office?

Ideally, having an office within the US would be beneficial to your business and to your visa. Having office space might not seem very important but it’s actually taken in the best possible light by those who are reviewing your application. You might want to think about getting a little office space somewhere.

Visa Success

Being granted an E-2 visa is not always that straightforward. There are some who find they are turned down for a number of reasons so sometimes no matter how good or strong your intensions may be it just doesn’t work out. However, hopefully you’ll see some success over your visa and of course your business too. See more: http://jdcconsultancy.com/e2-visa-business-plan.

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