Do I Have To Make A Business Plan To Get An L1 Visa?

Is an L1 Visa Business Plan necessary? It’s a question that’s asked almost every time someone attempts to get an L1 visa. A business plan can be a critical document in the visa application process, and et is one often neglected.

What is an L1 Visa anyway?

An L1 Visa is one of the classes of US visa which is available. It’s probably essential for you if you want to work, and will last a period of time between three months through to seven years. Its real aim is to grant temporary ‘citizenship’ and rights to those forced to locate to the States for their work. So, where does the immigration business plan fit into this?

The L1 Visa business plan.

Say, for example, you are opening a new branch of your company, or simply relocating to work with a sister company, and want to apply for our visa in order to do this. In theory, the process is very simple, but can be complicated if you make a mistake on one of the restrictions or regulations, or fail to follow them correctly. This is where your immigration business plan will be critical.

What do I need to know?

Having said all that, however, know that it’s not applicable in every single circumstance that you have an L1 visa business plan. For example, if you are simply an employee being transferred within the same company to a branch within the states, then you likely don’t need that plan. It does depend on the exact role within the company, whether you are management or have authority to make changing decisions within the company. See more facts here:

How can I be clear what is needed?

It is usually best, in the circumstances where you don’t know if an L1 visa business plan to contact a lawyer or attorney who deals with immigration issues before you make any further decisions. Getting someone who is totally up to speed and knowledgeable about the intricacies of the situation can make certain that you don’t fail any vital immigration checks and other necessary business. They will also be able to help you with the assembly of the immigration business plan too, to make sure that you present the ideas and company you are espousing in the most favourable light possible. Remember, as part of the L1 Visa processing process, they will be deciding if you will be bringing something into the country, particularly something that will result in jobs domestically, of if your intention in the scenario is simply to leach on the governmental resources available to US citizens rather than conduct legitimate business. They are also looking for signs of criminal intent from both you and the company you will be representing.

Whether or not an immigration business plan is needed for an L1 visa application depends on our position in the company and the reasons you are applying for the visa. Get professional help to help you create your immigration business plan for best results.

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