Looking Closely At E-Visa and L- Visa For Business Executives and Managers Which One Is Advantageous

American Visa (XL)For managers, small business executives, entrepreneurs and business-minded foreigners who want to go to the US, there are many visa options to choose from. There are the E visa and the L-1 visa types for these individuals to apply for before granting their entry. Both visas type require the applicants to submit a business plan for E2 or for the L1 visa to begin the process.

Difference between the E-Visa and L1-Visa

The L1-visa type is a non-immigrant visa type which grants the companies that are operating in the US and overseas to transfer their managerial staff to the US from their branch abroad.

The visa policy further requires the employee to have worked for at least one year in the overseas affiliate office, within the previous three years.

The visa application for the L-1 visa is under the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and then approved by the US Department of State (DOS). If the petition is approved, the employee can be granted of up to three (3) years.

On the other hand, the E-visas also called the treaty visas are granted to entrepreneurs, investors, or to foreign nationals, from countries that are identified to have US treaty agreement. The visa processing and approval are done directly at the US Department of State (DOS) at the nearest consulate or in the host country. The whole visa application is completed at the DOS, which is not lengthy compared to the L-1 visa wherein the application is processed and completed via two agencies, the USCIS and DOS.

Strong Points

The L-1 visa type, the applicant, can later petition for residency through the company without having to deal with the Labor Certification (PERM) lengthy process. The E-visa, on the other hand, the process is less costly because only one government agency handles the processing and approval of the petition. For as long as the applicant has a sound, reliable and transparent E2 business plan or L1 visa business plan, and the visa application are more likely to get approved.

Validity and Visa Fess

In terms of visa validity, the L-1 visa is up to seven (7) years. The E-visa is valid for five years, but it is renewable without any cap., In other words, the E visa can last for as long as the company is on operation.

In terms of the fees, the L-1vsa type costs roughly around $3,075 as of 2012 ($325 filing fee, $500 anti-fraud plus $2,250 fee for petitioners who employ 50 or more employees).

The E-visa the government fee is $270. It should be noted that the L-1 visa fee is recurring every year since this type of visa is renewable every year for small business.

The visa categories L-1 and the E visa are designed for small business, managers, and executives and for business-minded people who wish to extend their business or provide the needed experts to join the team here in the US. Each of the visa applications requires documents such as a business plan for E2 visa or the L1 visa to support their application. In order for the applicant to be granted the visa that they applied for, the documents submitted must be comprehensive, complete, transparent and verifiable to avoid any delay in the process.

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