UK Immigration Criticised for Detaining Torture Victims by Visa Immigration

UK Immigration today found itself in the spotlight once again as a UN refugee chief stated that detaining torture victims was completely inhumane.

The current UK Immigration system operates a fast-track deportation system which can result in a number of rape and trafficking victims being detained as soon as they claim UK Asylum.

In a statement released by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNCHR) they said: insufficient screening processes meant that rape victims and torture survivors could find themselves being led off to a detention centre, sometimes in handcuffs, as soon as they arrived in Britain to claim asylum.

The intense criticism came following comments made by John Vine, the Independent Inspector of the UKBA , who had said that there was too much of a riskĀ of survivors of torture or trafficking being led away to detention straight away for fast-track deportation because of how initial screening methods are undertaken.Here is a good post to read upon the type of immigration at

UK Immigration Criticised for Detaining Torture Victims by Visa Immigration

A report released last Thursday highlighted that, in contrast to the UKBA’s own policies, ten people from a group of around 114 Asylum Seekers who were held in preparation for fast-track deportation from January to April 2011, were subsequently released after they were able to provide evidence that they indeed were victims of trafficking or survivors of torture.check this website!

UNCHR representative to Britain, Roland Shilling, said: the UK sends out a worryingly negative message by detaining Immigrants more than any other country in Europe. Asylum Seekers who come to the UK have often faced immensely terrifying situations, which have caused them to flee.Click here to read more information on Asylum in UK

UK Immigration Minister, Damian Green, defended the current system saying that: the government is taking measures to screen out torture and trafficking victims. The detained fast-track system plays a pivotal part in ensuring that UK Asylum claims are processed and concluded as quickly as possible.

He added: this helps those who are granted UK Asylum quickly build lives within Britain, whilst ensuring that we deport those who have no right to remain in the UK. We are doing everything possible to improve the identification of vulnerable people who should not be detained while their claim is decided. We are constantly assessing and reforming the interview process and additional training is being provided for Immigration officers.

However, many other critics believe there is still a long way to go before the system reaches the standards that Damian Green claims that the government is aiming for. Many feel that the current process is failing and that radical changes are required in order to improve the methods by which the UK screens immigrants who may have been subjected to torture or are the victims of trafficking.

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