US Business Visa Applications and Your Required Business Plan

The US business visa application is open to foreign investors whose country is under the US treaty. Any person who is a citizen of that country and who have the intention to invest in a viable company in the US can secure an investor visa. However, the processing for this kind of visa can take some time because of the legal documents that the applicant has to accomplish and submit to the US consulate more information about the list of countries which are under the US treaty.

In the investor visa application, the foreign investor has to submit supporting documents attesting that his or her business is bona fide. The primary requirement for this type of visa is the Immigration Business Plan.

How To Make a Business Plan

For a pre-occupied business person, making a professional business plan for the immigration is tough. This entails enough time to make the framework of your business, or working backwards when you have already a sound business running without a structured business plan. How to make one by the book covers the basics in making business plan.

  • The mission/vision of the company
  • Goals and objectives
  • The management team as reflected in the table of organization
  • Feasibility study
  • Cost Analysis
  • Revenue Projections
  • Long Term Plan for The company
  • Summary of Everything that is included in the Business Plan

US Business Visa Applications and Your Required Business Plan

To all of these items, it necessitates time and money. Normally it is the CPA of the company that does the report or a third party CPA to collate and make a comprehensive US Immigration business plan. Now the cost of the business plan is another item to think of. Depending on the agency that makes your business plan, the investor may pay high or affordably. However, since this requirement needs a meticulous detail to avoid being denied at the US consulate office, a business plan has to be well-laid out and planned.You can take the services of a reliable and professionals Business Plan maker by clicking here

Important Points To Add To The Business Plan

  • Keen on the details.

    For the US embassy business plan the investor should be very meticulous on every detail that is printed in the business plan. The sharp eye of the US consulate can immediately spot any unverifiable data that is included in the business plan.

  • Compliant to the required data.

    The basic business plan according to the books may not be the only one needed but more on business relevant data that the consulate would require. Submit those that are needed.

When the business plan is done by a third party, it is important to read, inspect and re-read the whole document to ascertain it is accuracy. Some immigration law firm also has a business plan writing services to help out foreign investors to get a competitive edge in terms of the business plan writing. This option is viable for foreign investors who don’t have enough information on how to do the business plan framework that the US consulate is asking. In this regard, an investor can tap the services of a law firm to come up with a professional written business plan for investor’s visa purposes.

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