What Are The Trump Administrations Changes To H1B Visas?

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The H-1B visas have really been in the focal point for the last year or so with now-president Donald Trump making them a key issue during his election campaign. However, while he cannot actually scrap the visa system he can make some administration changes to the way in which they work. For those who are a bit concerned over the changes, it’s important to get to know a little more about them, especially if you’re thinking about applying for an H-1B visa. Read on to find out a little more about the changes.

No More Premium Processing

For H-1B visas, there was a premium processing option for applicants (which essentially helped speed up the decision making time) but now, that is suspended. However, there are a lot of concerns over this and whether or not it’ll take another six or seven months to get their applications approved or rejected. Usually, decisions can still be made within a reasonable period of time but that applicants no longer have the ability to opt for the premium processing option. That’s not too bad a problem as long as the applications can be handled in a decent period of time.

LCA Application Audits

Most people have to file an LCA or labor certification for their applications to be approved. The certification must be filed with the department of labor within the US and while this is mostly easy to obtain, it is an important element of the process. When the forms are filled correctly you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. Most find their applications are approved but there are some restrictions that must be met. For example, employees must be paid a certain amount. However, there is to be even more audits of these applications to ensure all rules are being followed.

H-1B Employers Will Be Given More Surprise Visits

H-1B employers are going to be given even more visits by the property authorities so that the US government can be assured the company is legitimate and actually exists! Also, the government will check to make sure the employee who is making the application actually works there and that all requirements are being met and followed to the line. It might seem a bit strange but it is to help clamp down on false applicants.

There’s More Encouragement for a Whistleblower to Come for Forward

There are many who want to see false and fake applicants being informed on so that legitimate applicants can be given priority. There has been a big call for whistleblowers to come forward and feel safe to inform on those who aren’t following the H-1B rules and regulations. This is a new and very unique change and yet it’s something which is actually going to maybe seek out false applicants.

Changes for the Better?

A lot of people aren’t convinced the administration changes to the H-1B visas are for the best but there are some which can help to ensure real applicants are given priority over those who want a free pass into the US. Of course, it’s going to be a slow change as a lot of people aren’t too happy with them but the final result can be ideal if it helps to bring good and positive changes. Check here: http://jdcconsultancy.com/e2-visa-business-plan .

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