What Is An E2 Visa Business Plan And What Needs To Be Included?

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Everyone is searching for their American dream and yet most don’t realize the dream might include coming up with an E2 visa business plan! Yes, it’s the one thing that few know about, and while it may not sound too troublesome, thousands have found it’s a big pain in the neck! The problem is business owners and those who want to create a business in the U.S. absolutely must look into an E2 visa and they need to come up with a business plan too. If you don’t get your plan right, you might never achieve your dream. So, what is an E2 visa business plan and what should you include in this? Read on and find out more.

What Is AN E2 Visa Business Plan?

The purpose of the E2 visa business plan is to secure a non-immigrant visa into the U.S.A. Once there, the entrant is able to startup their business or continue their investment adventure. The E2 visa business plans outline crucial facts about the business someone wishes to startup or invest into. The U.S. government reads these plans and look to see whether it appears viable and good for the economy and whether it will contribute something also. While you may have a great idea, if the U.S. government believes there is far too much competition in this area, the visa may not be granted. Should the visa be granted, you are able to temporarily visit the country to startup the business.

The Basics

E2 visa business plans aren’t as difficult to create as you would think, but it’s important to add the necessities such as financial costs. You must include a full breakdown of the potential costs it’ll take to startup the business as well as make it operational. However, if you are buying a business rather than starting one, you will need to include a breakdown of that business and how much it takes to operate the business. This will help to see whether it’s viable or not. Also, you are showing the government your financial resources in terms of what you’re able to part with to buy a business and it shows willingness to invest.

A Five-Year Financial Projection Plan

However, the U.S. government also needs to know what the future holds for the business. There needs to be at least a five-year financial projection section included, so that you show the business is sustainable and not just by profits made but by other resources. You need to have a profit and loss statement and you must include forecasts over potential profits and cash flow and how it goes into the business. Balance sheets are also required and if you’re create a business from scratch, there needs to be comparable data with sales, profit margins, costs of goods compared to other businesses in the same field.

Don’t Forget Job Descriptions

E2 visa business planAny business that is able to offer good job prospects for U.S. citizens are always welcomed simply because it’s creating employment for many. However, just because you employ U.S. citizens or plan to do so, it won’t mean it’s a guaranteed approval. You must also add potential job openings as well as job descriptions for these roles too. Summaries and market analysis is vastly required, as well as proper marketing strategies. Read more from http://www.ppsdemexico.org/how-to-develop-an-eb-5-or-e-2-visa-immigration-compliant-business-plan-2/

Money Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters

While you may want to spend thousands or even millions investing in a business, this isn’t enough for the U.S. government to allow entry. Yes, a great cash injection into a struggling business is welcomed but there needs to be a real potential for the business to succeed and run smoothly. The U.S. government doesn’t want to let an investor or buyer into the country only to create more trouble because of bankruptcy or going out of business. That is why only viable businesses are allowed. It’s a strict visa to apply to but there are reasons why it’s so strict. Always put your best foot forward when it comes to your E2 visa business plan.

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