What Is An E2 Visa Business Plan and What Needs to Be

The E2 Visa is for entrepreneurs; business minded people and investors who wish to invest in the US. This visa is renewable in five years, but the holder can renew it without cutoff limit in the number of renewals. However, this kind of visa entails submission of business documents prior granting the visa. The business plan for E2 visa has to realistic, authentic and duly reviewed and notarized by a lawyer to maintain transparency in the visa processing proper.

The Business Plan for the E2 Visa follows stringent steps set by the US government. Firstly, the applicant has to qualify for the E2 Treaty Investor Visa. The qualifications stipulate that;

  • The applicant must be a citizen of the country that has a treaty with the US
  • The applicant must come to work in the US for the company she or he owns or to the company that is 50% owned by other nationals of the country of origin
  • The applicant must either be the owner or the key employee of the US business. He or she must have the essential skills, for instance, the executive of the company or the supervisor.
  • The applicant or the company must have a substantial investment in the US business, and the business must be active and yields profit.
  • The US company must be active and engages in commercial activities, and it can create jobs for US workers.
  • The applicant must show the US consulate evidence of eventual plans to leave the US once the business is completed.

Once an applicant is deemed qualified for the E2 Visa the next step is to accomplish a business plan. The business plan for E2 Visa is crucial in the visa approval process. An immigration lawyer can help a person who is qualified for the E2 to work on his or her business plan.

What Is An E2 Visa Business Plan and What Needs to Be

The Business Plan

The business plan is the meat of the E2 visa application since the US government requires one to have a sizeable capital to enter into any business dealings in their land. read more information on essential business plan components by clicking here.A business plan is a framework to explain the business concept to the immigration authorities who is responsible for granting a visa or not. The business plan needs to include the following essential points;

  • The mission/vision statement
  • Description of the company and the product and services it offers
  • Market analysis
  • Table of organization of your management team highlighting the experiences of each team members
  • Analysis of the companies, SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat)
  • Cash Flow
  • Revenue Projections
  • Executive summary

A business plan is one of the important documents that the applicant must accomplish to be granted a visa. However, there are other documents that have to be submitted to support all your documents. Now, the challenge for an applicant is in the documentation process. The business plan is intricate for non-business people and any missed out portions or documentation deficiency can cause a denial of the E2 visa. Because of this, it is safe for the applicants to seek the services of an immigration lawyer in the processing to secure the visa without any delay.

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