What Is An Immigration Business Plan And Why Do You Need One

A foreign investor who wishes to expand or do joint business in the US can apply for a US visa. The EB5 business plan visa is just one of the visa types that grant an immigrant visa or green card to foreigners who wish to invest in the US. And one of the primary requirements when applying for this type of visa is the immigration business plan.

The business plan is where the US consulate validates your financial capacity to do business in their land. Apart from this document, there are other equally important papers that you have to prepare to get the visa that you need.

Key Points In the Business Plan

For foreign investors wanting to invest in the state, making a business plan is difficult. For one, you need to know the ins and outs of the business platform in the US, as well as their other strings, like the different business laws. All in the entire task is overwhelming, and it is for this reason most investors seek help to the immigration lawyers to make their immigration business plan.Click here to read more information on EB-5 Visa and its benefits.

What Is An Immigration Business Plan And Why Do You Need One

Based on the business book concept, the business plan includes the following;

  • The goals of the company (mission/vision)
  • The feasibility study
  • Market analysis
  • Financial statement (including the cash flow)
  • Research and Marketing
  • Revenue Projections
  • Long term strategy
  • Photographs
  • Summary of your business

These are just some important components of the business plan. However, most investors do not have the luxury of time to dig the details of their business plan or to polish it for immigration purposes. Making a comprehensive business plan for the immigration to support the visa that is applied for can take time to finish.If you are new to the immigration process, we recommend that you read visa immigration guide first.

Where To Seek Help

One of the services of an immigration lawyer is to help their clients make a feasible business plan to satisfy their client’s visa application. Depending on the type of visa, the firm can work out a business plan that is comprehensive, and that includes what the consulate wants to look at.

Apart from the EB5 business plan, the immigration law firm also assists their clients how to defend their business plan during the interview process. It must be noted that submitting a second-rate business plan can mean denial of the visa. Professionally crafted business plan, and the client’s briefing and training can spell much difference in the review process.

On the other hand, when the visa is initially denied, the immigration can help their clients in the re-application process this time following what the experience partners’ advice.

The immigration business plan involves multiple documents that are authentic and legitimate. However, when the investor failed to comply with these documents, the consequence may not on his or her favor. The consulate may delay the visa process waiting the final submission of the documents, or the visa is denied based on their remarks.

To shorten the process, the applicant needs to submit the right documents at the first time to expedite the process.


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