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Useful Ticketing System Tips

Over time, software solutions no longer meet the needs of the company and its objectives. The reasons may be very different:

  • The development of the project has changed a direction;
  • You have decided to change business processes and a team set up;
  • You have found suitable tools available at a lower cost or the price of the current solution is unreasonably high.

One way or another, there may be a need to replace the ticket system for technical support.

What Not to Forget When Choosing or Changing the Solution?

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  1. The key point is the allocation of resources within the company. They are required for any conversion, even if it is performed by third-party contractors. Without this, it is impossible to implement an info system that adheres to the needs of the company.
  2. Before starting any transformations, it is necessary to identify the processes the existing ticketing system or its equivalent is responsible for. You are to also identify the people involved in them. It is important that the new automation system opens the way for the firm development, so it will be necessary to “sort” the processes: to understand which ones should remain unchanged and which ones are to be modernized.
  3. It is necessary to evaluate the usage scenarios and functionality of your existing ticketing system with other IT solutions in the company. And if there are integrations, plan work in this direction.
  4. Migration should take place in close contact with users because they will have to change their working habits. To simplify the switch for employees, it is necessary to plan the training and subsequent consultations, and even better – to involve the user in choosing a new product.

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Checklist for Selection & Migration to a New Solution

Before selecting any ticketing system and performing the switch, it is necessary to allocate some time and your attention to the following aspects:

  • The test environment, as well as the test period of the new solution, will allow you to work out the planned migration without affecting the entire infrastructure or mastering the entire budget. So you can make sure that the data and processes are transferred correctly, without distortion, and the system works as it was stated by the manufacturer.

  Migration often includes a period when the old and new system of technical support tickets function in parallel. This is quite a difficult stage for employees because simultaneous work in two solutions can bring confusion. This period can be shortened if you understand how to motivate employees to use a new solution in order to complete the process faster.

Deploying from scratch or changing the ticketing system is always a difficult process. Even if it seems that everything was foreseen at the initial stage, there might be a negative reaction of some employees connected with the need to get used to the new environment. You need to be ready for it and try to show your colleagues the advantages of the solution for them.

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