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Help Desk Ticketing System and Security

The IT infrastructure and the way of its handling is a skeleton of an enterprise. The company will not take a step with a properly set up and competently managed helpdesk ticketing system. The success of a business depends on how efficiently the processes within the company as well as its external communication with clients, suppliers, and partners are built. Therefore, it is critically important to make sure that the system is wisely configured.

What Are Security Functions of Help Desk Systems?

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In the era of globalization, business is constantly subject to external influences; thus, projects and systems are becoming more complex, while the time for their implementation being reduced to the max. There are various IT solutions for optimizing many processes; however, most of them increase the requirements for help desk service specialists and related ticketing systems. As a result, the process approach improves the quality of services.

The facilities of a modern enterprise require a high level of info protection against possible cyber attacks by intruders on telecommunication solutions and systems for process control. The popular majority of modern security systems cover all key areas of holistic IT data protection:

  • Data protection against viruses and malicious codes;
  • Firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems (IDS, IPS);
  • Hardware platforms – BIOS level security.

All these are to be taken into account into your help desk ticketing system once you decide to build it. Of course, you can hire in-house help desk specialists to work on the task. As an alternative solution, it is also possible to go partners with a dedicated Help Desk company and have all done by it.

What Tasks Do Modern Help Desk Solutions Approach?

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  1. The problem of incidents management – Incidents are any situations that require a reaction. These can be requests from users, system crashes, etc. For the most successful implementation of this process, the Help Desk is to identify and eliminate problems within the company, minimize the risk of their occurrence, a special service.
  2. Configuration management – This setup helps to obtain accurate and current info about the IT infrastructure. The purpose of the process is to allow only necessary and reasonable changes
  3. Release management – This process is associated with the implementation of changes and control of the preservation of IT infrastructure during their implementation.
  4. Power management – The goal of the process is to find the optimal power for the implementation of the main tasks. If the power is small, then the speed is not enough, which, in turn, slows down the work.
  5. Continuity management – In case of an emergency, the IT infrastructure should continue to work, no matter if it is fire or flood in the building or power failure.

Apart from all the above functions, the helpdesk ticketing system should allow for tracking and immediate reacting on security-related issues and their quick resolving.

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