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5 Reasons to Not Choose a Hosted Helpdesk Solution

Nowadays, there are many options for creating websites in the global network. As an easy solution, you can always use either paid or free hosting to host an online resource of yours, whether it is an online shop or a helpdesk platform. If you do not know all the technical specs and differences between the two options, we will discuss these below.

Drawbacks of Having a Free Hosted Helpdesk Solution

To create a profitable project with big traffic, you need quality hosting. It is also critical to register a suitable domain name and pay attention to a big number of criteria. When creating a helpdesk platform of any complexity, you should use a professional management system.

The Main Probs with Free Hosting

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  1. One of the main drawbacks of sites hosted on free hosting is their bad reputation. It will adversely affect the number of site visitors, who may find it low-grade to spend time in. Even the presence of useful and high-quality content does not allow for improving the image of the project. Any search engine can easily see that the site is hosted on a free hosting by domain, IP-address, or server response. One of the main criteria for a good website is high-quality and fast hosting. The issue is that free hosting services are overloaded servers and (or) severe resource constraints, which leads to an increase in site response time and a reduction in the page load speed.
  2. In addition to hosting, sites also receive a free domain, which is of great importance as well. It is quality hosting that allows you to attach your second-level domain. Its main drawback is its great length and low quality. You can promote such a domain, but it will be quite challenging for you since the “attitude” of search engines towards the third-level domains is highly negative. Therefore, you will have to work hard to prove the opposite.
  3. Low speed of free sites indexing by search engines. This is due to the instability of such online resources. They may be functioning for a short time and then disappear. Without indexing in the main search engines, your site will hang out on the Internet. And it is only you who could enter it, well, except maybe bots and spammers. Therefore, there will be no sense from such a site; it will be hardly possible to make a profit by selling its services.
  4. An insufficient number of functions, as well as a small space provided by the hoster, will also negatively influence your helpdesk. Because of this, the functionality of the project will be low. In addition, providers do not allow different files to be placed on free resources: programs, audio, and video are originally blocked.
  5. Some free hosting as a “payment for their hosting services” embed a link, banner or even any advertisement on all pages of your site, which not only spoils impression, UX, and UI of your site but also is a negative signal to a search engine.

We do believe that it is low security which is the main disadvantage of free hosting. Taking into account the general availability of free hosting, there can be a huge mass of poor-quality sites that are unprotected from hacking and all kinds of spam. Only a few hosting providers filter the hosted site and close substandard ones.

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