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Things to Consider When Choosing a Help Desk Ticket System

Picking a help desk ticket system is not an easy task since there are a lot of nuances to pay attention to. Let’s dig deeper into the question to understand what it takes. According to The Standish Group in the USA and Europe,

  • 32{10c3b7a840b650e0c49f4c1ade68bee05b6fe896eec93cf36470e50d4ab5031c} of all IT projects are stopped and not completed;
  • only 53{10c3b7a840b650e0c49f4c1ade68bee05b6fe896eec93cf36470e50d4ab5031c} of all IT projects were completed within a deadline;
  • only 17{10c3b7a840b650e0c49f4c1ade68bee05b6fe896eec93cf36470e50d4ab5031c} of all IT projects met timely and budget expectations.

As a total, you can see that businesses have got only 86{10c3b7a840b650e0c49f4c1ade68bee05b6fe896eec93cf36470e50d4ab5031c} (actually 8 out of 10) failures versus 17{10c3b7a840b650e0c49f4c1ade68bee05b6fe896eec93cf36470e50d4ab5031c} success cases.

The Introduction of  Help Desks – What Is to Be Considered?

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Over the past 10 years, these figures have remained virtually unchanged – when implementing projects, the business faces typical problems that can be grouped as follows:

  • Organizational difficulties and problems;
  • Errors in the planning and administration of the implementation project (budget, time and other errors related to the project approach);
  • Problems related to infrastructure and work tools (including practices and systems that should assist implementation).

Problem #1 – No Dedicated Team & Project Manager

When companies do not allocate people responsible for the result of the service desk system implementation, nothing happens. If the project is small and there are few people in the company, the dedicated team is, of course, not needed. But there must be a project manager. He is obliged to lead the project to its final point, is responsible for budgets and people, having the opportunity to apply organizational influences or motivational schemes.

Problem #2 – No Time Allocated for Those Affected by It

The company often has a dedicated project team and even its leader, but those who are affected by the system implementation do not have time. When their time is not allocated and people do not have the motivation and understanding why this all is needed, the project rests on internal resistance.

Problem #3 – There Are No Real Requirements & Use Cases

At the start of the project, there are no clear requirements for the help desk system or for the project results. This leads to an endless decision-making process. Such customers have a desire to automate everything – to tighten the system on their requirements – or the requirements for the system are constantly changing.

Problem #4 – No Impact

Having received primary results, many companies stop improving the system and the processes intended for automation. They cease to control the indicators and undertake subsequent impacts. Any project resembles a “spiral.” And when it comes to the help desk, then one of the typical tasks of implementing such a system is to reduce the delay in SLA. Without this, the final satisfaction from the project is impossible to be obtained.

So no matter if you are going to have an in-house help desk or hire an external company for the purpose, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the following problems.

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