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Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Help Desk Software

Every company is seeking to improve Internet communication with its clients and partners. Therefore, every advanced and modern leader understands that it is simply impossible to reach target goals without having an all-covering and highly intuitive help desk software. It is not anymore a question if using such a system is beneficial to the business. Companies do not know what ticketing solution to choose.

Ticketing System Requirements

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Taking into account the size and department number in big companies, with each having its own type of tasks and specificity, it is critically important to pick a universal and highly flexible solution that can be re-configured. Applications should be moved between departments in the process without affecting the entire workflow. In addition, it should be possible to install the product on your own server so that you could do the fine-tuning of it for yourselves.

Based on these assumptions, we have compiled a list of requirements that should be taken into account when picking a ticketing system for the business:

  • Developer and community activities – the product must be developed and maintained by the company offering the ticketing solution;
  • Ability to install it on your own server;
  • Implementation in PHP open source – for the possibility of modifying the system for yourself;
  • The source code must be clear and clearly structured;
  • The product should use a MySQL or PostgreSQL database;
  • Availability of a web interface for working with applications;
  • Correct work with UTF-8 and with other relevant encodings;
  • Automatic creation of a ticket from the incoming letter (Email to Ticket Gateway);
  • The employee’s response should be sent to the user via email; user response is to be attached to the original ticket;
  • The history of correspondence should be displayed in a convenient form;
  • The ability to see which employee responded to the application;
  • Support for multiple departments; ticket notifications should automatically go to the right department;
  • The ability to restrict employee access only to specific departments/ boards/ databases;
  • solution photoThe employee should be able to move the application to another department;
  • The ability to separate the message from the existing correspondence in a separate application (split ticket);
  • Support for template responses;
  • Availability of ticket search by employee name, subject, content, department, date, etc.

Among other great features that would be great to have in a ticketing solution are the following ones:

  • An API for creating/working with tickets from outside the corporate network;
  • Counting statistics: how many requests were processed by the employee, what is the average response time;
  • Opportunity to leave feedback: user assessment of the response of the support staff.

Of course, the list of requirements and technical specs for a ticketing system can be different depending on your team set up, workflow, and functionalities you are going to use. No matter what you require from a ticketing solution, it is important to have that all defined before you purchase the software.

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