As one of the items that cannot be absent from a wedding, flowers are the most frequently discarded items after the event is over. As a decoration, flowers usually end up in the trash after the event ends. It’s a shame, but in several creative ways, you can reuse used weddings flowers.

In addition to decorating the event venue, flowers will also be arranged in such a way as to form a beautiful flower bouquet. All of that is done so that your wedding party feels more lively and romantic. However, have you thought about where the flowers go after the event is over? Yup, there’s no mistake, the flowers will end up in the dumps after the event ends. It’s a shame isn’t it wasting so many flowers?

So, instead of just throwing away wedding decoration flowers, you should benefit from them in the following 3 ways.

1. Resell

Rearranging the flowers you collected from the wedding and placing them in pots is one way to use used wedding flowers. Use a minimalist pot but still carry exotic and earthy elements so that it will still look beautiful even though the flower is a flower from a wedding decoration. If you can arrange them properly, it is not impossible that these flowers can be resold. That way you don’t waste interest and can get money.

2. Confetti

Another way to use ex-wedding flowers is to make these flowers as confetti. If you are doing the ceremony and reception at a different place, then use flowers from the previous location as the sowing flowers for the reception location. Apart from being used for sowing flowers when you walk into the reception venue, you can also resell the remaining flowers at large flower shops to be used as flowers for other bridesmaids.

3. Replant Succulents

Succulents are one of the flowers that are very suitable for use in weddings in places with hot climates because this type of plant is very tolerant of high temperatures. Not only resistant to hot weather, but plants that are becoming a trend for wedding flower bouquets are also very easy to find.

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