The theater is a visualization of a drama that has been performed on stage and has been witnessed by the audience or audience. In contrast to groups that one-act plays scripts, the theater is also divided into several types.

Dramatic Theater
The first type of theater is dramatic theater that uses character changes and is used and made as detailed as possible and follows the plot of the plot. This is so that the audience can follow the plot of a situation in the story that is being staged. The hard work of the actors and actresses must be highlighted because it will affect the emotions of the audience so that the messages and feelings in the story can be conveyed properly.

Puppet Theater
The next type of theater is puppet theater which is usually often used to tell legends or stories that have a religious nature. Puppet theater has several types and ways to play it. Usually, in playing several ways are done, namely inserting both hands in the doll, the two sticks will later be used as a handle for the player. Not only that but the two sticks are also used to move the doll and are held from below.

Motion Theater
Furthermore, there is also a type of motion theater that has the main elements of motion and facial expressions of the players. In motion theater performances, the dialogue between the characters in the story will be minimal. There may even be no dialogue at all like you’re watching a classic pantomime show.

It should be noted that this motion theater still exists today, one of which is pantomime or silent performances because there is no sound at all. Pantomime is an art that tries to reveal the expression of the players through the movements and expressions of the players. Through such a movement, the meaning and message to be shown will be realized as well.

Musical drama
The next type of theater is musical drama which is a theater in which combines the arts of dance, music, and roles. This musical drama is more concerned with these three elements than the dialogue of the players.

In general, the quality of the players is not only judged by the appreciation of the characters shown through the lines of dialogue, but also through a harmony of songs to dance movements. In performances, the background is usually used as a combination of dance, stage, and music, so that later this is the reason why this type of theater is called a musical drama.

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