Actually, there are so many ways to deal with toilet WC that are clogged from practical methods to other ways. In this tutorial, I will share some ways as an alternative solution if one method doesn’t work so you can try other ways so that you can solve the problem perfectly. Okay, this is a collection of ways to fix clogged sitting toilets to complete so that the toilet can be used again as soon as possible. In the meantime, hire the experts from best plumbers San Diego if you wish to get the best plumbing services.

You can use liquid dishwashing soap to deal with clogged WC in your home. This method can be effective if the garbage that clogs your toilet is limited to tissue or the like. The trick is to pour dishwashing soap on the toilet hole then pour hot water into it. Leave your toilet for a few minutes.
The soap will work to loosen the blockage in your toilet. After being left alone, flush the toilet with a large volume of water so that the blockage can come out through the drain.

The Second Way: Use Baking Soda and White Vinegar

For baking soda and white vinegar just to loosen the clogged not to destroy the dirt that causes the congestion. How to use it is to pour baking soda into the toilet, then slowly pour white vinegar until your toilet is almost filled with foam. Let stand a few minutes, then flush hot water. Then leave it overnight.

Third Way: Fire Soda (not recommended)

Is it true that soda helps with congestion problems? It is true that this method is indeed the most effective and also quickly completes clogged toilets. However, do you know the danger of using soda? The duct pipe in the house will be dented or irregular so you have to be forced to replace the drain pipe. This is very ineffective because it only adds to the problem so we don’t recommend this method.

Fourth Way: Use Enzyme Products to Overcome Clogged Toilets

Using enzymatic products can help you deal with problems with clogged toilets. Enzymatic products have proven to be safer compared to other chemical products because they will not damage the hose portion of the line connecting the toilet to the final disposal section.

Fifth Way: Use Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snakes or often called wire-based cleaners are often used to help clear blockages in the closet. This tool when used will follow the grooves of the closet channel so it won’t damage and scratch the part of your closet. This method is also much success because the flexibility of the wire that is owned by this tool will be able to reach hard objects that are stuck in your closet.

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