Awakening or opening chakra with chakra practitioner help is a very controversial subject, with two distinctly different schools of thought, and the answer could be either for or against depending on how you look at it. There are seven main chakras in the body and these energy centers store and transmit energy, particularly the energy of emotions and memories. Let’s examine the school of thought that would say yes to help an inexperienced person awaken chakras. There are many books, mp3s, CD and dvds and video downloads on the subject of chakras from a variety of sources, not all of which are truly enlightened let alone truly experts or having the best of someone in mind, except publisher earnings.

All of this knowledge is readily available and it may be impossible for the beginner or novice to make a wise choice or truly understand how to apply it. That brings us to the other side; Some Reiki masters and yoga and meditation teachers do not think it is a good idea for amateurs to casually explore the good and bad energies contained in the seven chakras without the guidance of an enlightened teacher.

Opening the chakras uninitiated could literally be like opening a can of worms, flooding the clueless and clueless spiritual explorer with unwanted and uncomfortable emotions and memories. Such as anger, fear, lust and depression that can arise as a result of the awakening of a chakra in consciousness. This philosophy believes that after at least two years of practice, the teacher must determine if a seeker is ready for a chakra opening. One of the results that regular yoga or meditation chakra practitioner experience is that they are better able to manage their emotions than most. They also realize that they cannot be enlightened every minute of every day, and are more accepting of not only the mistakes and failures of others, but also of themselves.

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