You might hear about deep learning, computer vision, or even artificial intelligence. However, deep learning is one of the most important parts of them. One of the most well-known examples of implementing deep learning is on Netflix and YouTube. In both of these streaming platforms, deep learning is used as a tool to provide video recommendations. These powerful tools take advantage of users’ interests and habits to find videos that suit their needs. Well, apart from these two platforms, there are several other examples of deep learning for vision systems that you need to know about.

Examples that we can see in our daily life are;

Virtual assistants: Cortana, Alexa, and Siri.
A vision for driverless cars: Tesla.
Chatbots and automated customer service: Sephora, Fandango, and AccuWeather.
Translator system: Google Translate and SayHi.
Facial recognition: Facebook and iOS.
Marketplace and e-commerce: Amazon and Myntra.

After looking at the definition and types of algorithms, it seems clear that deep learning is an advanced technology that is quite important in this modern era. However, now you may be wondering. What are the benefits of deep learning when the app doesn’t need to understand user usage patterns? Make no mistake. This technology has various benefits that can bring advantages to other technologies.

Here are the benefits of deep learning technology according to the explanation. It can help maximize the performance of unstructured data in applications or websites. This technology can also eliminate the need for technology for feature engineering while also providing a much higher quality output display. If used properly reduce development operational costs with effective data manipulation techniques.

Thus many sources of a brief explanation of deep learning, types of algorithms, and their benefits for the world of application development. In essence, deep learning is a method that can be used for various things. Starting from understanding the needs of the audience to designing slick output.

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