The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is familiar in today’s increasingly sophisticated technological era. Its development is increasingly attracting attention. We seem to be amazed by the performance of these technologies that are similar to humans. Indeed, the purpose of its creation was to help humans, so it was made as similar to humans as possible. Artificial intelligence also helps in the business field. The benefits are quite important and are able to provide convenience in running a business. Interested to find out? Check out more information from machine learning for computer vision below:

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence that is applied to machines and then programmed to think like humans. It can be said that AI is a system on a computer that is capable of carrying out activities that generally require intelligence or human power to complete.

Just like humans, AI technology needs experience data and data to make its intelligence better. AI also needs to learn so that its knowledge increases. The learning process is not always ordered by humans, but independently based on experience when used by humans.

There are several processes in AI, namely learning, reasoning, and self-correction. In the self-correction process, AI has been programmed to continue to learn and improve from mistakes that have been made previously. That way the system will be able to work better and avoid unwanted errors.

DeepFace Facebook
Facebook is one of the platforms that implement AI in the form of DeepFace technology that works to recognize human faces in photos posted on Facebook pages. So, when uploading photos, you don’t have to manually tag the people in the photos. DeepFace technology that uses artificial intelligence will already do it to make things easier for you.

Virtual Assistant
There are also examples of the application of artificial intelligence in the form of virtual assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant. Like human assistants, virtual assistants can also be invited to interact, record your agenda, and provide information when the scheduled event time arrives. In addition, the virtual assistant can also be given commands to open applications, play music, send messages, and more. The more you use your virtual assistant, the more he will memorize your habits and preferences as he continues to learn from experience.

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