Screen Recorder is an application that can record activity on the user’s screen. Usually, a screen recorder is used to document activities on a smartphone or is used to demonstrate the use of another application installed on a smartphone. The result of the screen recorder itself is a video in mp4 format, the video can usually be played in various video player applications. The video size of the screen recorder also varies, depending on the length of the recording duration. The longer the screen recorder is done, the bigger the video will be. If you are looking for screen recorder for windows 10, visit our website.

Since the screen recorder feature is present on smartphones, many are using screen recorder applications. Here are the benefits of the screen recorder application that you must know.

As a facility for application demonstration
Currently, there are various websites and applications that can be used according to the needs of smartphone users. Screen Recorder can be a demonstration facility for using an application or website. By making usage tutorials through a screen recorder, it is hoped that demonstration information can be conveyed well to users.

As a solution to solve problems on smartphones
Is there an application that is not working properly? Confused with the features of a smartphone? By doing screen recording, you can easily consult with the experts. So, if a problem arises on your smartphone, it can be easily found a solution.

As evidence
With the ease of banking transactions today, it is also easy to be vulnerable to fraud. If something unwanted happens, such as being exposed to online fraud, you can record the transaction, so that it can be used as evidence if needed by the authorities.

With the development of smartphones today, various smartphone manufacturers are starting to present a default screen recording application on smartphones. As on Sony Xperia smartphones, users can press and hold the Power Button or Screen Lock Button at the same time. So that menus appear such as Power OFF, Airplane Mode, Take Screenshot, Record Screen, and Restart.

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