Unlike the cut quality of a diamond, the color and clarity of the diamond don’t have much of an impact on how big the diamond looks. So, if the size is your top priority, you can maximize your budget by reducing color quality and clarity. Reducing the color quality and clarity level can leave the room within the budget to choose a diamond that is higher in carat weight, but still has Excellent or Very Good cut quality. If you want to buy such a diamond ring with good quality and cut, we suggest you take a look at custom engagement rings.

Then, the halo setting diamond ring is an excellent choice if you want an engagement ring that looks glamorous and big enough. In a halo setting, the center stone of the ring is surrounded by smaller diamonds. This brilliant halo optically enlarges the size of the center diamond, making it appear shinier. This extra sparkle is obtained from the light that the tiny diamonds bounce off the center stone.

Apart from that, the ring frame design can also give the illusion of a bigger or smaller diamond. To make the center stone appear larger, use a thin, slender frame. If you choose a wide and thick frame, the diamonds will appear smaller. You can also use a thick frame on the sides and thinner to the center to give it a bigger diamond effect. This frame design will further accentuate the center diamond and make it the center of attention.

Finally, some precious metals can make a diamond ring look bigger than others, including platinum and white gold — especially 18K white gold. The shiny white metal will reflect light on the diamond-like mirror and make it appear larger. 18K white gold is an excellent choice because it is coated with very high gloss rhodium. 18K white gold is also not only more reflective than platinum, but cheaper. You can save costs and allocate them for larger diamond sizes. Additionally, the side stones will create a large, shiny effect for the center diamond. Adding two smaller side stones to either side of the larger center diamond will make it stand out more, and enhance the overall beauty of the ring.

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