Geofencing is a system that can analyze and track the position of vehicles automatically and give reports whenever and wherever the vehicle exits or enters geofence areas that have previously been determined by users of this GPS system. The geofence area is a virtual rectangular area that limits certain locations, such as office locations, warehouses, customer locations, and so on. The system can also send alerts in the form of SMS to the owner if the vehicle exits or enters a certain geofence area. Geofencing from propellant media is also one of the features available on GPS. The following are some other features of the GPS:

– Real-Time Monitoring
The GPS system users will be able to monitor their vehicles in real-time at that time, either automatically via the server or by request via SMS. The period of sending data by a device on a vehicle can be arranged by the user as needed. In addition, the user can ask the vehicle to report its position at any time when requested.

– History Replay
GPS system users will be able to see and analyze the position and route that the vehicle has passed in the past. By using the application provided, users of this GPS system can also replay the route through which the vehicle can be analyzed further.

– Over The Air (OTA) Configuration
Setting / managing GPS tracking devices so that they can be easily changed by users through client and web applications, such as setting data sending periods, speed limits, emergency telephone numbers, and geofence information. The server will send changes to the command settings to the tracking device via SMS or GPRS.

– Auto Response System
Users of this GPS system can request information about the location of their vehicle at any time by simply sending an SMS to the System which will then be immediately replied with an SMS containing information about the location of the vehicle requested. To provide the data, if needed, the server will send a request to the intended tracking device.

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