Congratulations! Your recent delivery of lovely flowers from Today Flowers will make you smile. But what do you do with these beautiful blooms now that you got them after flower delivery? Here are some inventive ways to maximize your recent Today Flowers flowers.

Show them off in a vase.
The most common approach to appreciate flowers is to put them in a vase. To make a magnificent centerpiece for your home or business, select a vase that matches the hues and design of your arrangement.

dry them
Flowers can be preserved for a more extended amount of time by being dried. First, hang the flowers upside-down in an excellent, dry location until the flowers are dry. After that, you may put them to use in several ways, like making potpourri, a wreath, or even cake decorations.

Press them.
Another method for preserving the beauty of flowers is to press them. After a few days, push the blossoms between two sheets of wax paper and the pages of a thick book. You can use them to create artwork, cards, or even jewelry once completely dried.

Create a flower crown.
Are you feeling irrational? Why not make a lovely flower crown out of your flowers? First, create a base for your crown out of wire, then connect the flowers with floral tape or hot glue. Then, for fun or a special event, wear it!

Donate to them
Consider giving flowers to a hospital or nursing home if you don’t have a purpose. Flowers have been demonstrated to improve people’s moods and cheer up someone struggling.

The essential thing is to appreciate their beauty and share the joy they provide, regardless of how you decide to use them. You can display them in a vase, dry them, press them, build a flower crown, or give them. So go ahead, use your imagination, and maximize the beauty of your blooms!

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