In the vibrant realm of digital printing, there’s a dance of hues, shades, and tints, all pirouetting to produce the perfect print. And at the heart of this dance is Mimaki SS21 inks, ready to dazzle with its spectrum of colors. But here’s the twist: to truly unlock the potential of these inks, one needs the master key of color management. Let’s waltz through this colorful ballet, shall we?


Think of SS21 inks as the ingredients of a mouthwatering dish. Sure, they’re high-quality, but without the right recipe, even the best ingredients can fall flat. This is where color management steps into the spotlight. It’s like the chef guiding those ingredients, ensuring they blend seamlessly to dish out printing perfection.

Now, for those of us who’ve faced the slight frustration (okay, maybe a lot!) of the colors on the screen not matching the final print, you know where the hiccup lies. It’s often not the ink or the printer; it’s the absence of proper color calibration and management. SS21 inks, with their expansive color gamut, are designed to reproduce a vast range of colors. However, without precise color management, you might just be scratching the surface of what they can truly achieve.

But wait, there’s more to this color saga! Consistency. It’s one thing to produce a vibrant print, but ensuring that vibrancy is replicated across multiple prints? That’s the magic of color management. It ensures that the deep blues, fiery reds, and calming greens of SS21 inks remain consistent, whether it’s the first print or the hundredth.

Let’s also touch upon the efficiency angle. With proper color management, the trial-and-error approach is slashed considerably. No more wasted media or ink due to color mismatches. This means quicker turnarounds, happier clients, and yes, a happier you!

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