Clickfunnels is a platform that helps businesses build and grow their online presence. It is one of the most popular sales funnel tools in the market. This platform has been designed with the goal of making it easy for any business to create an online presence, whether it’s an e-commerce store or a membership site. The Clickfunnels free trial allows you to test out this software and see if it suits your needs before you buy it.

The Sales Funnel works by providing sales stages. The picture starts from the customer journey going from visitor to prospect to deciding to transact on the Funnel Marketing chart.

When someone accesses your website via a Google search or social link, they may be interested in or need a similar product. If a visitor fills out your form, he or she will become a lead or prospect.

On other occasions, you can contact prospects to offer products from the form data they fill out. Then you can market or offer products to them via email, phone, chat, or all three.

Prospects that you contact, are likely to come back to visit your website. They will look for information about new blog entries, or other interesting messages. Maybe you can also offer a special coupon code or promo to get their attention even more.

The sales funnel will continue to narrow as visitors go through each stage. The number of visitors on the website, the number will continue to decrease, reaching the close deal stage.

After knowing the prospects and the importance of the role of the sales funnel to start your business, there are also 5 sales funnel implementation strategies in the business that we have developed, which are as follows:
– Building Brand Awareness
– Developing Interest
– Drive Prospect Decisions
– Facilitating Action
– Maintaining Good Relations

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