Have you ever taken a close look at your church websites? Even if you have the most loving, warm, and welcoming church, your website may not reflect that. It is more important than ever for churches to have a website that accurately represents their church like https://churchhelper.com/church-apps/, is simple to use, and is fully functional to serve the needs of their members and visitors. Because most people do their church research online before visiting in person, your church’s website serves as the first impression. If new visitor to your church’s website dislikes what they see, they will most likely move on to the next church.

With COVID-19 forcing many churches to operate completely (and virtually) online, your church’s website must be extremely functional and user-friendly to keep your congregation feeling connected and engaged during this season. Even if you’ve already budgeted for digital advertising for outreach, if your church’s website isn’t user-friendly, there’s a low chance a user will stay on the page. If you want to improve your church’s website, keep reading to learn about the two best church website elements. We hope these ideas inspire you to improve your church’s website!


Using eye-catching visual content is one of the best ways to connect with users online. When new people visit your website, they want to get a sense of what it’s like to walk into your church. A great way to draw a new person’s attention is to use warm and welcoming imagery. Rather than using generic stock photography on your church’s website, consider capturing meaningful moments at your services, special events, small groups, or youth nights with happy people smiling and connecting in fellowship.


To keep current members active and engaged, it’s critical to regularly update your site and add fresh, high-quality content. People need a way to stay active and involved in the church, even if it’s physically done from a distance, especially during COVID-19, when most church members are socially isolated. Furthermore, Google likes to see sites that post new content frequently and rewards churches by giving them a slight boost in search rankings. Your church’s website will see positive engagement site metrics such as increased time on site and pages per session if it has engaging and fresh content.

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