IPTV is formed from 2 words that have different meanings. First, regarding IP, which means network layer protocol (network layer in the OSI Reference Model) or internetwork layer protocol (internetwork layer in the DARPA Reference Model) used by the TCP/IP protocol suite to address and route data packets between hosts on a TCP-based computer network. / IP. Or in other words, IP are the rules that regulate addresses in a computer network or between computer users based on OSI layer rules and usually IP is better known as the TCP / IP protocol. Meanwhile, TV is a means of capturing picture broadcasts.

The word television means visible or can be seen from a distance. Or it can also be called a tool that helps humans to display images through various media and the origin of the image is from a different place from us. So iptv canada is broadcast television, video, text, or data based on the internet or based on IP, with a minimum speed of 2 megabytes per second or bandwidth that can be accessed by customers. IPTV is also known as Protocol Television or Telco TV, or Broadband TV, which can securely transmit broadcasts with good quality or video on demand and audio content over a broadband network.

IPTV is a new development in client-server communication software that broadcasts high-quality video (equivalent to real-time full-motion video simultaneously) to the user window over the existing data network. To access IPTV requires a PC and a set-top box connected to the tv. The set-top box must be equipped with an Internet Protocol Multimedia System (IMS) to combine mobile internet and broadcast content. The audience can use the remote to control the system in the set-top box for example for recording, browsing, chatting, etc. STB (set-top box) can convert IP video into a standard television signal. The STB is the gateway to the IP video switching system.

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