One of the first things that need to be done when you want to choose a fiber optic cable device is that you have to know whether you need single-mode or multi-mode. This is of course very important because you will not be able to switch between one type of cable and another. However, when you are confused about choosing a fiber optic cable device, it is better if you contact a team of experts or fiber optic cable installation contractors to get the best solution in getting the fiber optic device that suits your needs. Not to mention the two types of fiber cables, there are still many variations that depend on speed, bandwidth, and distance. Therefore, it is necessary to find out from the beginning which type of cable is really needed or you can also directly submit this to someone who is an expert in this field.

In choosing the type of cable for fiber optic devices, you must choose a quality jacket material. Choosing the outer coating of the cable does look trivial. But this is very important because this outer layer will determine the durability of the fiber optic cable. Even in this case, it has its standard protector. This shield will not be affected at all by the flow of electricity because there is no metal material inside. In addition, some are made of the plenum, this will be suitable for use in data centers and server rooms and materials for remote applications.

Next, you need to select the appropriate connector. When you use copper cables, whether, of the type of cable or higher, you need to make sure that you are using the device at the end. In contrast to fiber cables, there are at least four types of connectors that we can choose before installing

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