Investment is one of the ways people choose to increase the value of assets. In other words, make more money without having to work hard. Today more and more people are starting to step into the realm of investment. Because investing can be used as a means to achieve financial goals for long-term planning. For example, investment is used to meet children’s education funds or retirement funds later. Unfortunately, there are still many wrong in investing. It is precisely the investments made are actually detrimental financially. And unfortunately, it happened unnoticed. If you experience investment fraud, you can visit GWG L Bonds website.

Keep in mind investment is apparently not the first choice of the most middle class in big cities. Although the current investment options are very many. Starting from mutual funds, stocks, to bonds. And apparently, there are still many who save their funds in the form of savings. In fact, the value of money in savings will decrease due to inflation.

Inflation is still one of the main reasons why it is necessary to invest. It cannot be denied if the impact of inflation spreads to the economic sector. High inflation makes things difficult. Because inflation has an impact on the rising prices of goods. If you save funds in the form of savings, it is fairly safe because it is guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, the interest received is still insignificant in providing benefits. Moreover, the cost of education has increased by more than 15%. It is certain that relying only on interest on savings to finance education costs will not be enough.

Do You Choose Savings as a Long-Term Investment?

Supposedly, saving money in the form of savings is a form of anticipation of various needs in the short term, not in the long term. Saving money in savings is very suitable to finance daily needs, unexpected costs, or emergency funds. Unfortunately, many people think otherwise, utilizing savings for long-term investment purposes. Interest is not greater than inflation (inflation in February 2017 amounted to 3.83%), an increase in education costs, or property causes the value of money saved in savings to decline. If so, whether the money in savings can meet the needs or desires later in the future?

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