This is a remarkable time in mortal history when an horizonless quantum of information and knowledge is clustering with the freedom to choose what to learn. Numerous people now have direct access to this horizonless information through the Internet and the available time to pursue and cultivate a path to both external and inner knowledge male and female energy. Pursuing both forms of knowledge can lead to commission and spiritual power if you’re willing to take full responsibility for evolving your own knowledge.

Because the path to commission is evolutionary, there’s a difference between the external power you attain in the world, the inner power( commission) you earn from diurnal tone- reflection and the spiritual power you cultivate from having access to your own particular and spiritual authority. The Three Stages of Evolutionary Power External power leads you to what you suppose you desire. The problem with external power is by the time you get there, you realize you want commodity differently. This can affect in a continuance of chasing what you ask while leaving you void on the inside. commission( inner power) represents mastery of your feelings and studies in response to the external world and gives you direct access to your own particular authority. It aligns you with what you really want which is a positive state of physical, emotional and internal well- being. Spiritual power brings you clarity of study, inner peace and awakens you to your own godly substance and the godly light in another.

Power You learn about how to use your power in the world before you learn about male and female energy. This literacy process is necessary because the mortal mind needs to be given a vessel in which to make meaningful connections to effects. So, in the first half of life you must develop a strong enough pride to take on the external world and an acceptable sense of particular identity to help you interact and survive in the world. How well you manage your power will be reflected in the outgrowth of every decision you make. In the physical world of conduct and consequences, you’ll be held responsible for your choices when you act in your own name. Using your power in your own name is most frequently concentrated on the satisfaction of endless solicitations performing in external wealth but veritably little inner wealth or happiness.

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