The menu that you must consume during the military diet is designed to burn fat, start your metabolism and lose weight fast. During this diet, you can only drink mineral water and coffee or tea without sugar. As an alternative to the rejection of food types against the body, you can also find 3 day diet substitutions with some of the menus below.

Whole wheat bread in small portions
Hot dogs
Ice cream
Salty Biscuits

Pay attention to calorie needs
Based on the observations of health experts, this type of diet with a menu such as the military diet can certainly lose weight, but it may make the body unhealthy.

This military diet does have several advantages, namely weight loss in a short time, ie in just 3 days. The food ingredients used in a diet menu are quite simple and can be obtained in supermarkets.

However, because weight loss occurs rapidly, what was reduced from the body turned out to be a mass of water and muscle. This is due to the absence of lifestyle changes towards a healthy lifestyle accompanied by exercise.

This Diet Is Not For Everyone
It should be noted that this military-style diet should not be carried out by pregnant, lactating women, the elderly, and people who have chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.

If your diet causes your body to feel weak, then you are at risk of losing self-awareness and getting hypoglycemia, which is a health disorder that will arise when blood sugar levels are below normal limits.

Consulting with the doctor is also necessary so that you can find out whether the military diet is suitable for the body. Through this consultation, you will also find out what limits you can’t and can’t do.

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