Cleaning the house is one of the activities that must be done to maintain the comfort of its residents when occupying the house. However, when cleaning the house, it is not uncommon for us to make some mistakes such as accidentally missing a certain area or place. In fact, some of these areas are also prone to being a gathering place for bacteria and dirt so that the house is not clean to the maximum. You can ask virginia cleaning company to help.

Here are some areas or places in your home that you might miss while cleaning.

Light switch
As one of the areas that are often touched by residents of the house, the light switch becomes a gathering place for bacteria and dirt that can move to your body easily. So, you need to clean the light switch regularly with a cleaning liquid such as rubbing alcohol to get rid of dirt and bacteria that sticks.

Trash Can
Because it is used to accommodate garbage, the trash can can be a nest of bacteria and dirt. Not only that, the smell is sometimes annoying. You can wash the trash can with soap and water as usual, then spray it with a disinfectant before using it again.

Curtains installed on windows will certainly accommodate a lot of dust and dirt from the outside air. If you don’t clean it regularly, the air quality in your home can certainly decrease. Depending on the material of the curtains, you can clean the curtains using a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or simply wiping the surface.

Behind the toilet
When cleaning the toilet, usually the area that is reached is only around the top and the inside. In fact, the bottom and back of the toilet can be just as dirty as the area. If the bottom and back of the toilet are dusty, that’s enough.

Between the sofas
Although it looks narrow and difficult to reach, actually the part between the sofa really needs to be cleaned because it can “hold” dirt such as food crumbs and strands of hair. You can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and thoroughly clean the sofa.

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