After creating your new Amazon account, stage two is doing market research for the item you will sell. For example, if you plan on selling more than 50 products per month, consider setting up a Professional Seller account. To begin how to resell stuff on amazon, you will have to find products to sell, and you will have to create an Amazon seller account – get the facts.

If you want to have a profitable Amazon business, you will want to purchase products with decent margins and sell them fast. In addition, since Amazon allows you to sell nationally or even worldwide, someone is bound to be willing to pay a premium for your products.

Suppose you can get through enough Walmarts to find that one toy; you can sell it on Amazon at a higher price. It does not matter whether you buy the products retail or wholesale from a wholesaler; if they are brand-new and not fake, you can sell them on Amazon. You should also note that if you purchase a product at a store, even if you never use it and later sell it on Amazon, it will not be considered new.

Before listing a product for resale on Amazon, it’s best to receive product samples from a supplier or manufacturer and check it out to ensure it works for your audience.

Check for several sellers (if the listing has several sellers, it is probably a genuine product for resale, but if it has 20+ sellers, it is competitive), net profit (over 50%), and the date the product was first listed on Amazon. A Check for product ratings on the Resell scale. To put it in simple terms, an Amazon reseller is a person or company who sources products at wholesale — or, at the very least, bulk — and then sells them (resells) on Amazon.

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