Ayahuasca is a famous plant often used in drinks like tea. Why do people try hallucination drink in Ayahuasca Healings? Most of the people in the study seek healing, spiritual or psychological, such as childhood trauma, emotional wounds, mental disorders, and addictions. Others wish to increase their self-knowledge and contact their higher selves, the Divine, and other supposed spiritual dimensions, to expand their sense of self. Or brighten it up. Some people seek physical medical help for Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Some of the lesser participants were simply seeking out the experience of curiosity. These intentions reveal the reputation that Ayahuasca has earned as a long-term antidepressant.

It is very common to hear the alleged sound of plants during the ceremony. For example, one participant heard his voice telling him to clean his room and cut his hair. Others have received helpful tips for their professional lives or love relationships. Grandmother Ayahuasca’s tone varied according to the person she was talking to, but it was always a female voice from outside speaking, supposedly a plant spirit.

A well-known case is that of Kira Salak, mentioned in Harris’ book. Kira, a National Geographic Adventure writer, commented the following after participating in the Ayahuasca ceremony: “No more unnatural and persistent desire to die. Gone are the ‘suicide ideas’ that made joy seem impossible to me, and made my life feel like some kind of punishment.” Kira’s case represents the complexity, and sometimes ambiguity, surrounding the Ayahuasca effect since Harris met a woman who went to the same retreat center and was severely damaged by the experience, mainly due to the Shaman’s manipulative energy. In short, Ayahuasca does not have the same effect on everyone. There are many variants, some of which are not under the control of the participants.

In Rachel Harris’ research, there is an interesting, somewhat surprising, report. One of them was about a man who, during a ceremony, saw three spirit doctors in white coats who told him to start his healing practice. They also told him that they would appear at every session to help him heal his patients. Eventually, this man became a Reiki practitioner.

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