All sorts of magical things are trending right now, including everything from crystals for healing to astrological compatibility, and now we can add “divine feminine energy” to the list. Divine Feminine Energy is also known as shakti, yin, and lunar energy, and is often symbolically linked to the moon, Gaia (Mother Earth), and water. The divine feminine power usually symbolizes intuition, acceptance, compassion, abundance, nurturing, connection, love, and sensuality. This energy is more dominant in women than men.

In today’s patriarchal world, we have collectively deviated from these values and instead rely on more masculine traits, such as scientific facts, rationalization, productivity, and all things technical. As a result, many spiritualists argue that we lead an unbalanced life and blame global warming, a tumultuous culture, and a preoccupation with power on our overly masculine culture. Ideally, we should incorporate qualities of divine feminine energy into our lives, such as turning inward rather than outward and forgiving rather than fighting, so that we can live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Ready to learn how to channel it in your world? Here’s what to know about the divine feminine energy and how to align yourself with its power. So, what does divine feminine energy mean? Simply put, it is energy. It’s not about your gender, because everyone has a divine feminine and divine masculine qualities. The concepts of “masculine” and “feminine” energy have been used in many different mystical practices throughout history to describe the duality that exists within each person.

For example, we all have the urge to be active and get things done (masculine), while we all also can rest and recharge (feminine). The divine feminine energy represents the nurturer and healer within us, the masculine symbolizes the inherent leader. Therefore, the divine feminine mirror is a masculine quality. We require both in our lives because they complete each other, exactly like yin and yang.

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