Before starting the activity, you should consider some tips on turning on heavy equipment to be safe that you should know. There are indeed many ways that can be done in maintaining a customer’s heavy equipment, starting from a complete inspection of the equipment to the inspection of simple tools that should be done by the vapro c operator. Maintenance aims to maintain the condition and work of the heavy equipment so that it is in perfect accordance with its specifications and uses. Thus, the risk of damage can be minimized properly. The coverage of heavy equipment maintenance, they are grouped into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Unit roving inspection. It is an inspection that is carried out all around and even under the engine unit. This is quite important to know some of the damage that may be visible to the naked eye. As for what must be done, among others;

– Detecting fluid leaks. As well as cooling water (coolant), fuel or oil. It is also important to ensure that no fluid drips around the engine.

– Checking bolt tightness. Due to the use of high-pressure machines to the negligence of the user, it could be an indication that the bolt or nut can be released by itself. Therefore it is important to inspect it. If you find it, you should immediately tighten it properly so it doesn’t loosen again.

– Checking hydraulic system. It is important to check the hydraulic system, such as the condition of brittle hoses, pumps, and other work equipment.

In addition to the above, a mobile inspection can also be carried out to ensure that the engine, radiator, and other components are free from dust or dirt that can cause an increase in temperature to the point of endangering the condition of the engine when in use. After completing the above steps, now you need to do some other checks before starting the engine. Things that need to be done;

Pay attention to the cabin panel indicators and make sure everything shows normal
Check the availability of coolant or cooling water
Check fuel availability
Check oil availability
Check brake pedal travel, dust indicator, and function of lighting, horn, and backup alarm sound. Immediately make repairs if needed.

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