You can’t just go with the first attorney a friend recommends or the one you find on Google. It’s about finding the ideal attorney for your situation. As a client, you should conduct a thorough interview to gauge whether or not they are a good fit for your actual needs. It’s important to ask the right questions before call Robert A. Dodell for criminal cases. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the most important questions to ask a lawyer in an interview to get you ready for the road ahead. Read on to find out what it is.

Finding the most qualified attorney for your case can and should take time and effort. Whether you need guidance and support with your startup business, or you have an urgent legal battle ahead, it is imperative that you refuse to settle in the name of saving a dollar or a few hours of your time. If you need a lawyer for any reason, you must be demanding and thorough in your search for the optimal partner. Below, you’ll find some general questions you should ask and then more case-specific questions you might consider raising.

How long have you been practicing law?

This is a critical question to ask lawyers as it takes years and practice for a lawyer to become an expert in their field of law. Therefore, it is important that you find an attorney who has at least 10 to 15 years of litigation experience, especially if you hope to go to court. Ideally, your attorney will have double that number of years practicing law under their belt.

There are undoubtedly exceptions to the general rule, but overall, you’ll want a right one on your side.

Do you have previous experience handling cases, projects or companies like me?

A good lawyer also need some relevant experiences. +Ask for details, examples or cases that are relevant to you. Questions about the results, the problems they faced, or what they would have done differently knowing what they know now.

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