Living with a phobia is certainly not easy. Never mind seeing or touching the feared object, imagining or just hearing the name of the feared object can make you anxious and frightened. Eventually, the person who has the phobia will continue to avoid the feared object, not realizing that avoidance will only make the phobia more frightening and scary in his mind. Learn more about teenage mental health by visiting our website.

Therefore, it is better if the person with the phobia finds a way to overcome his fear of certain objects or situations; especially if the feared object is an object or situation that will be encountered everyday, for example rice, fruit or vegetables, crowds, and others. Then, is there a way that can be done to overcome the phobia? Of course there is. Here are tips that can be done to overcome phobias.

Avoiding the thing you fear is a natural thing. However, to overcome a phobia, you need to learn to deal with it. Exposure is one of the most effective ways to overcome your fears. During the exposure process, you will learn to get out of the anxiety and fear of your phobia. If you do it repeatedly, then it will make you realize that the fear you have been thinking about will not happen. You will feel more confident and in control, until your phobia begins to lose its power. The longer you expose yourself to the thing you fear, the more you will get used to it and settle down with it.

For example, you have a phobia of flying by plane. To deal with this, try choosing the flight with the shortest travel time from your city. Ask your family or friends to accompany you. Also choose the airline you trust the most. Only then can you slowly try flights that take longer, for example two hours. Tips in dealing with phobias are as follows:

Make a list of frightening objects or situations that relate to your phobia.
Start with an exposure you can handle (from the list you’ve created).

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