When you shop for jewelry online there are only two possibilities, first whether you get the best price or vice versa you actually get a very expensive price. Now, to overcome this, here are some ways to avoid expensive prices when shopping for diamond jewelry, especially if it’s for investments or engagement rings from custom jeweler dallas.

1. Light Inclusion

Diamonds with a very good level of clarity will indeed be priced at an expensive price. However, if you choose a diamond with a low level of inclusion, it can save a little money. Because slight inclusion SI1, SI2, or SI3 won’t be too visible to the naked eye.

2. Diamond less than 1 carat

Buying a diamond weighing less than 1 carat can save your money. Buy diamonds weighing 0.90-0.99 carats. Because the price of diamonds will skyrocket if it reaches 1 carat.

3. Color

The color of diamonds with G-J grade doesn’t look too different from D-F grade diamonds when seen with the naked eye. However, the prices they produce will certainly be different.

4. Buy Online

Buy diamonds online at trusted online jewelry stores. This is because shopping at online stores will be cheaper than going to the store directly.

5. Metal

When choosing a metal that will bind a diamond, it’s good to use white gold or palladium. This is because the two metals have cheaper prices with good quality.

6. 14K Better Than 18K

When choosing rust for gold, 14K is better than 18K to get a lower price without reducing the quality of the gold.

7. Discount

Online diamond shops usually offer discounts, coupons or discounts. This will certainly make your spending less and less.

8. Loose Diamond

Another way to save on buying diamonds is to buy diamonds without rings. Because, if without a diamond stone ring will be sold at a cheaper price and buying diamonds and rings separately can be more affordable.

9. Diamond Type

The shape of the diamond can determine the price of the diamond. For example, a large diamond shape certainly has a price that is more expensive than a small diamond.

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