In the warranty book, there are several things that can eliminate the new car’s warranty. Interestingly enough, some of these things fall into the category of damage factors that are difficult to control. Like the surface defects of paint due to collisions or gravel and scratches. If your new car accidentally hits a pebble, of course, that small part is the thing that removes your car warranty. You can get auto warranty on our website.

Another factor is the maintenance errors done by the car owner. In this case, the owner can remove the warranty if using fuel that is not in accordance with the requirements of the car’s specifications. The use of oil or liquid that is not in accordance with the recommended specifications also triggers the loss of the car’s warranty.

If you accidentally reset the odometer to your car, just be prepared to lose the warranty period. This is something that removes the car’s warranty because it is considered a mistake of car maintenance. Before making a vehicle modification, it’s a good idea to consult with your sales advisor in the official repair shop of your car.

Modifying the engine is what removes the car’s warranty on a new car. The authorized workshop will not be responsible for damage caused by modifications in the machinery sector without the workshop’s knowledge. In addition to the engine sector, audio modification is also the thing that removes the car warranty. The incorrect audio installation has the potential to short circuit or even the worst thing is a burning cable that can burn the car.

This incident is often experienced by new car owners who want to replace the built-in speakers or audio in the car. Wow, you don’t want to make a better car but instead, it becomes a disaster.

In addition to modifications, your negligence or error caused by the owner of the vehicle also becomes a thing that removes the car’s warranty. This negligence is expressed in several ways such as when forced to go through inundation or deliberate flooding even though you already know about the risk of damage.

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