The roof of the house is part of the exterior which is very important.
Apart from being a protector and the top cover of a building, the roof of the house must also have strong properties and be resistant to all weather.
Apart from being the outermost protector, the roof of the house is often considered a monotonous part of the house and cannot be made unique.
Even with creativity, you can get a creative roof model that is different from usual.

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The roof models of these houses have certain characteristics that are unique and stunning.
Want to know what are the 3 models of roofs around the world?
Come on, read until the end, and probably you can find more here
as your references for building your house!

1. Gambrel House Roof Model

This roof model is often found in Dutch heritage houses or houses in the Netherlands.
The Gambrel roof model is characteristic of European model house buildings.

The Gambrel-style roof model has four symmetrical sides with two slopes on each side of the roof.
Upper slopes usually have a shallower angle while lower slopes have a steeper slope.

2. Mansard House Roof Model

Commonly used for European model houses, especially in France,
This type of mansard roof model is a type of roof model with four sides where there are two slopes on each side of the roof.
The roof model of this house is indeed similar to Gambrel’s model,
the only difference is that the Mansard roof has a steeper lower slope and a more varied roof shape compared to the Gambrel roof.

3. Hip House Roof Model

We have encountered many houses in Indonesia that use the hip roof model, maybe one of these is also your house. The Hip roof model is a roof model that modifies a pyramid/pyramid house so that it can be applied to larger houses.
This model uses a trapezoidal roof concept. In addition, the Hip roof model is also practically applicable.

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