The denunciar acoso laboral in the workplace is defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as any unwanted attention from a coworker or boss, including unwanted sexual advances


Sexual harassment can manifest itself in a variety of ways.

– Remarks that are derogatory to a specific gender
– Making employment conditions contingent on the exchange of sexual favors – this can be done explicitly or implicitly (“If only there was some way you could convince me to promote you.”)
– Physical and Sexual assault
– Requests for sexual favors from a coworker or boss
– Harassment verbally, including jokes about gender or sexual orientation
– Inappropriate physical contact or sexual advances
– Putting oneself out there
– Unwanted sexually explicit photos, phone calls, emails, or text messages

1. How to Reduce Sexual Harassment Risk Factors

– Young workforces – This workforce scenario contains a significant number of teenage or young employees. As a result, young employees may be unaware of workplace norms and policies. They may also lack the confidence to resist unwanted advances or challenge any type of behavior that makes them feel uneasy. Managers can reach out to younger employees specifically and emphasize that they are open to hearing about any complaints or issues.

– Workplaces with “high-value” employees – These are typically executives and senior managers. Management may be hesitant to deal with difficult employees if they are perceived to be valuable to the organization. These people may also believe they are exempt from policies and norms. Apply workplace rules consistently, and make sure senior executives understand that they are not exempt from discipline or discharge for poor behavior.

– Workplaces with significant power disparities – In this case, low-ranking employees work alongside high-ranking employees. Supervisors may feel emboldened to exploit lower-level employees at times. As a result, lower-level employees may believe they are unable to properly file complaints. Undocumented workers are especially vulnerable to this. Apply workplace rules and regulations consistently, regardless of employee rank.

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