Pressure washers can damage your property if they are used inappropriately. Research must be completed before beginning. Additionally, Pressure Washing Pearland is the place for you to receive a pressure washing service if you have never utilized a pressure washer. Click for more information about our worthwhile services and appealing deals.

While the overall power of the pressure washer is determined by the size of its motor, the nozzle you use controls the angle at which the water stream will be directed.

The angle matters because it limits what the water stream can accomplish. The force of a narrow-angle spray is greater than that of a large-angle spray.

Nozzle Coding in Colors
Fortunately, all pressure washer nozzles are color-coded.

Red Nozzles
The smallest angle, a red point, measures zero degrees. Be careful because this tip can produce a powerful water stream that can cause a lot of harm. On any surface, avoid using a red-tipped nozzle up close.

Yellow Nozzles
Using yellow tips, a 15-degree spray is produced. When you need to pressure wash the concrete around your home, use this nozzle.

Green Nozzles
A green tip produces a 25-degree spray that is ideal for general-purpose residential pressure washing. If you need to wash your car or remove mildew that has accumulated on your deck or patio furniture, use this nozzle.

White Nozzles
A white tip provides a 40-degree spray and may be the most user-friendly nozzle. If you’re arranging a day for outside house cleaning, use the white tip. For siding and windows, use a nozzle with a white tip.

Black Nozzles
A black nozzle produces the gentlest spray, with an angle of 65 degrees. In fact, because of how light it is, this spray frequently fails to remove stains or grime. Instead, use this nozzle to moisten a surface briefly.

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